Hi! I’m Lohan, living in London 🇬🇧 in a gorgeous community of boat-loving people next to Canary Wharf. I’m also

  • by trade, a technologist and a City man with a career rooted in databases and business applications (and Clipper and Delphi followed by Java and Oracle for my sins!). I’m a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner and part of an all-star team owning a portfolio of interconnected trading and settling systems a short walk from here in the ‘Wharf.
  • By thought, a systems cybernaut with a keen interest in seeing patterns and similarities in nature, business and human relationships. I have a psychology major with cybernetics and Systems Thinking as key subjects in the coursework (I used to hate it, but fell in love with the subject once I grasped the concepts — not the least Stockholm Syndrome!).
  • I’m also a keen boater, and much fun is had living and entertaining on one, or otherwise maintaining, cleaning, building and keeping on top of a myriad of things always to do.
  • I love biking, with probably half a million kilometres covered on mostly Honda tourers. I started with a Yamaha IT200 at 16 and topped out with a Honda Pan-European ST1300 the past ten years or so. Lovely rides and blessed not to have come off hard since I started.
  • I ride on my own steam as well — longer is better but life gets in the way of a proper LEJOG. I did start though, just got to go down to Penzance and keep at it! Keep an eye out for trip reports two-wheel department.
  • I run. Not for any specific reason other than that I can. I prefer to do it barefoot and have humble beginnings being able to run 21km unshod. Again, just because 🙂
  • I’m also a bullie dad (English Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs FTW!), a boyfriend, a brother and a couple of things to a couple of people besides and always keen for a chat, so use the menu above to get in touch!